Posted November 22nd, 2017

BDR Homes Announces Suzanne Singleton as Community Manager for the Company’s Growing Eastside Division

BDR is pleased to announce Suzanne Singleton as the Community Manager for the company’s growing eastside division. In her role as Community Manager, Suzanne will have primary responsibility for the land acquisition and marketing activities related to Kirkland and Redmond.

Suzanne has over 14 years’ experience as an active real estate agent and/or managing director of a real estate brokerage office. She has the additional experience of serving as Vice President of a company focused on commercial real estate leasing. Suzanne has a passion for architecture, design, and the personal lifestyle of the customers who purchase homes. BDR is pleased that her appreciation for these aspects of the real estate experience has led her to join us as community manager. Suzanne looks forward to the opportunity to rekindle her strong relationships with the Eastside Broker community and foster new ones.

The BDR Homes Eastside division focuses on single-family & townhome projects in the dynamic neighborhoods of Kirkland & Redmond, home to the world’s leading tech companies.

BDR Homes is a wholly owned subsidiary of BDR Holdings LLC, a diversified real estate development company specializing in innovative housing communities throughout the Puget Sound region.

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